In this era of more open Internet, in this era of mutual benefit, in this era of resource sharing and resource integration, Shanghai Muwei Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. as a rising star, was founded in Shanghai Songjiang Science Park on May 22, 2017, the company is closely following the trend of domestic and international breeding equipment, constantly. Innovation, constantly learn advanced equipment manufacturing concepts, and constantly in-depth communication with farmers, learn from the strong points, according to the different needs of farmers, design different types of products, existing low-end, high-end, high-end products for farmers to choose.
    The company has reached strategic agreements with Shanghai Benshan Instrument and Equipment Co., Ltd., Shanghai Liangyan Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., Henan Baixiang Animal Husbandry and other brothers to varying degrees, aiming to provide customers with a full range of safe production management services, so that the owners can save their minds and effort to become the boss.

   The road is as solid as iron, and now we are moving forward. Shanghai animal husbandry is bound to do something in the animal husbandry industry, welcome the majority of animal husbandry enterprises, owners come to visit, learn from each other, not stingy to give advice.