• 产品名称:Layer laying equipment

  • 产品型号:产品规格:4HDJL 笼具尺寸94*140*46mm,每组养120只鸡,每门养15只。
  • 产品厂商:Other brands
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Product specifications: 4 HDJL basket size 94 * 140 * 46 mm, each group of 120 chickens, 15 cats every door.
Details are introduced:

Product synopsis:

4 HDJL series cascading caged layers are complete sets of equipment effectively meet the requirements of the chicken group biological habits, is the current our country similar battery technology content in the mechanical equipment, electrical and mechanical equipment, high degree of integration of prototype represents the development direction of poultry farming mechanization in our country, reached the international advanced level.

Product specifications: basket size 94 * 140 * 46 mm, each group of 120 chickens, 15 cats every door.

1. Pick up egg system introduced:

Automatically set system, advanced technology, reasonable structure.The European technology collection of eggs in the middle of the line to each column coop eggs automatically to the hen house front, each layer sets eggs into their eggs inside the box.Focus to set inside the egg, will then eggs unity to the trash inside the room, to avoid the crowd and close contact with chickens, effectively guarantee the healthy growth of chickens.

2. The basket system introduced:

Cage network using GBQ235 cold drawn steel wire welding before hot-dip zinc process, corrosion long service life.Bottom wire mesh with wire diameter 2.35 mm steel wire welding, the bottom of the cage with the strengthening of the 5 mm steel wire, can enhance the flexibility of bottom nets, and flexible, not only reduces the fatigue of chicken, and greatly reduce the broken rate of single.With a lock of push-pull type door opens conveniently, can not run chicken and the chicken in to gather the food won't make outside the discharge chute feed.

3. The feeding system is introduced:

Laying hens cage using driving type feeding, feeding through lateral transporting device tower the material feed to the hen house driving in the hopper.Before and after driving run back and forth, and feeder to feed uniform distribution in a trough, feed component can be adjusted.This process is completely according to the preset automatic control program.With inside along the trough.The chicken in to gather the food won't throw feed, the breeding cost.Each stock line both ends by the feed back.Regularly clean up long-term residual feed trough, put an end to feed deterioration and waste.

4. Nightsoil system introduced:

Caterpillar nightsoil machine, processing chicken manure rapid, healthy, efficient, external nightsoil machine is equipped with the sliding door, can effectively ensure the neatness of hen house, let the crowd can healthy growth.After the manure out outside the henhouse into half dry state, can be directly bagging.